The Wishlist: July

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So this wishlist consists of some things which I definitely can buy (helloooo #yolo mug), and some things which a teeny-tiny student budget unfortunately doesn't allow for (we'll be together one day, bag...). Even so, a girl can dream! As you can see, I'm loving Anna + Nina right now, it's a super cute store/agency/bundle of awesome based in Amsterdam. They have a lovely selection of jewelry and other knick-knacks, and can expect a big order from me come pay day!

1. 'idiot' cuff - because everyone needs a bangle describing themselves, right? 
2. Dallas bag - it's on my 'when I get rich' list, don't judge me too much please! 
3. Big Gold Pineapple - because why the heck not 
4. Cat - eye sunnies - ok yes CĂ©line is also a little(astronomically) out of my budget, but I needed some new sunnies, so I've ordered some cat eye ish kinda ones from ASOS, and I can't wait for them to arrive! 
5. #yolo mug - because yolo 
6. Flats - pricey (heartbreaking), but so so so pretty. I'd love some suggestions of alternatives! 7. Shift - like I said. A girl can dream!

That's all for now folks, 

xo Gecko

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  1. The layout of your blog is amazing!! Thanks for the nice comment on mine. :)

  2. Love your selection!! I am definitely putting the cat-eye sunnies and the Prue d'Orsay flats on my summer wish list:-))



  3. This is pretty much perfection. Everything on your wish list is now on my wish list. xx