CHRISTMAS CARDS: Yeah it's happening

You guys know the drill, tomorrow it's December and that gives everyone an excuse to descend into the UTTER MADNESS that is full-blown 'Christmas'.

To get in on the action, I've created a set of christmas cards which you can find on my Etsy shop.

Bah humbug.

The Postcard Project 2: Snaps from home

The second instalment of the postcard project focuses on another place I feel at home in: the city of The Hague. In contrast to instalment 1, which focused on the countryside I grew up in, this time the city takes the stage. You can buy them here.

The Postcard Project: Snaps from home

There are some places in the world that most people have never even heard of, but a lucky handful get to call home. When I was a child my family moved to one of these places, North Uist, in Scotland's Outer Hebrides (here, if you're curious). Each time I go home I make sure to take lots of photos, because even places I've been visiting since I was a child are still pretty damn spectacular. 

With that in mind I've made a set of five postcards, featuring some of my photographs of the island and the co-ordinates of their locations. If you want to get your hands on a set yourself, you can grab them here. This will be the first instalment in an ongoing project to capture the places I can call home.


DOWN WITH SUMMER: Autumn is a girl's best friend

Ugh, summer socialising. DOWN WITH THIS SORT OF THING!
It is raining in Amsterdam today. When I say raining, I don't mean the occasional inconvenient drizzle, I mean a full-on-torrential-rain-poncho-necessitating downpour. You might think this would be a cause for despair, the final nail in the coffin of the swift european 'summer', but, dear reader, I am rejoicing. Here's why:


If I told you I had a thigh gap, it wouldn't just be a lie, it would be a farce of monstrous proportions. My thighs sit firmly in the 'I need bicycle shorts under my skirts in the summer to prevent the grossest chafing situation ever' category. Whilst my chunky thighs don't necessarily bother me, skirts in the summer totally do. In the winter, when I can wear thick, silky, luxurious tights, count me the heck in for some ladylike attire. In the summer, when tights = sweaty evil leg prisons, forget about it. Shorts too while I'm at it, f**k shorts. I have yet to find a pair of shorts which don't have an air of seedy streetwalker when combined with my giant butt. Autumn means I can retire my dorky bicycle shorts (and my epilator, to be perfectly honest), so excuse me whilst I save 1000 trouser related outfit ideas to my pinterest.

Plans until next spring include jeans, a bigass sweater and a good book. Source


Now that it's raining, netflix and chill (in the literal sense, not in the sexy sense, obv.) will become a totally acceptable way to spend one's weekend/every evening after work. As the invitations to BBQs and 'chillings' out in the sun start to peeter out, we don't need to make exuses for being ridiculously antisocial in our downtime. Losers of the world rejoice!


The continual toss up between wanting a gorgeous, sexy natural tan and not wanting your skin to turn to leather has been seemingly solved by spf creams and fake tan. However, annoyingly, there is still some kind of weird social pressure to be some kind of glowy bronzed goddess as long as it's still nice out. I call bullsh*t. Let's all be happy the summer is over so we can go back to wearing too much makeup and morticia addams style lipsticks with no fear of judgement from the glowy (sweaty), sunkissed/burned, masses!

It's time for lipstick as dark as my soul. Yesssss.