Thoughts: On creating a vision

09:30 Nadine 10 Comments

Sometimes it can seem as though we're stuck. We're just doing what we're doing with nowhere to go. I don't really mean this in a literal sense, I mean, we all have some goals, graduate, find a job, or even just to get out of bed in the morning. But vision, to me, is entirely different. To have a vision is to know how you want to be in the future as well as where. As a result, this vision can often be pretty hard to see.

I could just sit here and say: 'I want to be skinnier, smarter, happier and healthier' and it would seem that the steps to take to achieve this vision are simple. Eat better, study harder, exercise more. But reality is not so simple. What is really important in life is not how many times per week we visit the gym, because what use are chiselled abs with nobody else to appreciate them! I'd rather be soft around the middle and surrounded by people and things that make me happy, than to be the smartest, hottest chick in town and be alone. 

My vision is to one day be working in a job I enjoy, living with someone I love and to feel comfortable in my own skin. But there's a reason beyond my own selfishness, and that is that in order to give of yourself, you must find something within yourself worth giving. I have a plan to get there and I work towards it every day. Some days I suck, but the vision keeps me going even when I slip up, because mistakes are integral to becoming a better person.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that vision is more than just where, or even how, it's why.


  1. Love your post. Thank you for sharing your thoughts;-)

  2. Perfect idea!! It's enough to have energy in the morning :)


  3. Love this quote!!! I need this every morning

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  4. That vision is very good! I like it.

  5. Wow I really loved reading this. I'm feeling super inspired - might even just jump off the couch... ;) xx, Tienlyn

  6. YES! Love it!! We can rule the world :)

    xxx Linsey from

  7. Great inspiration! It's so true: we hold the power in our hands and are our own biggest obstacles!

    xx Hélène

  8. YES, I just pinned this quote a few days ago, it's so simple yet so inspiring! Great, great post, Nadine... we all get caught up in one aspect of life and forget about balance!


  9. Yup, that's so important I think! Quite inspitrational!
    xx ✿

  10. what a perfect post! i really love it, thanks for sharing this!