#INSTADIARY: I'm baaaaack.

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Lovely people! I am so sorry for being so absent from my blog baby, my personal life is all up in the air right now as so so so many things are happening. I'm starting classes again at uni, finishing off my internship (yes, at the same time), my family is going through some changes (to say the least) AND I have to come up with my thesis project by the end of this week.

I am not sure what's keeping me going to be honest but I have some cool stuff planned for the blog! I'll be making a back to school post later on in the week, which will be interesting given my whole 'no shopping' thing (which didn't quite work out come payday...), and I am thinking of doing more outfit posts, now that it's autumn again and I can wear the clothes I like! So for now here's my instadiary for the past while, enjoy!

1. When I say loafer addict I mean it.. Hi 5! / 2. It was cold enough for woolly scarves. WOOLLY. /
 3. Prinsengrachtconcert because I'm so fancy. / 4. Beachclub. In the Hague what else am I gonna do? / 
5. #tbt to Mexico as a kid, beautiful Jalisco! / 6. Sunglasses at night = the realest.

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  1. This looks like SO much fun! And I waaaant your shoes on the first picture!!!

    xxx Linsey from POSE-BLOG.com

  2. Very nice! ❤


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  3. Lovely insta-diary! I'mma go follow you now, Nadine :)