Hey Big Spender: August Resolution

20:44 Nadine 2 Comments

Oh dear. It's the beginning of the month and things are already looking pretty tumbleweedy in my bank account. This is because of one simple reason: I am stupid when it comes to spending my money.

Thankfully I am not completely destitute and I live fairly comfortably, but I also have a whole lot of expenditures which are completely unnecessary! A cheeky online order here, a trip to H&M there can really impact on your bank account, and even though there are always beautiful new things out there to buy, saving a little for the really important things does count too. 

With this in mind, and since it's a new month, I have decided to not to any shopping this month other than total essentials! No new clothes, no new shoes, no new makeup or beauty products, no new knickknacks for the house, no new faddy vitamins/supplements and NO online shopping.. AT ALL.

I know. Brutal.

However, I have more crap than any person needs, so I will be using this month to clear out my apartment of all the clothes and other stuff I never wear/use. Here's a quick look at my overstuffed closet, and bear in mind, these are just the things I hang! Never mind all the everyday stuff I just chuck in the bottom of  fold up in my drawers!

I like to paste some inspo from my favourite magazines and campaigns inside my closet doors ;)

I didn't mean to turn this into a 'shop my closet', but if you're interested in seeing a couple of these lovely items in full, find em' here:

Winter Coat - Burberry/ Oversized Cardi (similar) - Zara/ Blazer - Similar colour from Acne/Daisy Dress - AX Paris/ Gorgeous floral number I wore to a gala at Xmas (you can't see it but it is there and it's on sale yay!) - Asos/Coral Dress (Barely seen) - Mango/ Printed Dress - Mango (This is the black/white version)/ Grey work dress - H&M/ Blue crochet dress - Karen Millen (Similar here)