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So I was inspired by a post over on Media Marmalade where the lovely Melissa shares her favourite accessories of the moment, and I thought I'd show you mine. I tend to go through phases with my accessories and wear one thing/set of things till I'm bored, then come back to the same things a few months later. So yeah, here are my go to accessories right now!

BAGS: Last month I picked up this awesomely practical striped tote from Mango and it's become my go to work bag. Honestly, the size is perfect, I can throw in my laptop and three packets of gum and my smoothie flask and my agenda and some emergency dry shampoo. You get the idea, it's perfect. I can't find the striped version online but the solid colours are on sale here.The orange DKNY was a Christmas gift and it's my 'posh' handbag. I whack it on when I want to up the elegance of my outfits and add a pop of colour.

I also love to wear this bag with my gorgeous Massimo Dutti scarf which is the softest most snuggly thing ever. 

JEWELRY: So when I was younger I used to have half my forearm covered in bracelets at all times, I would sleep in all these friendship bracelets, festival wristbands and beaded things and have these ridiculous tanlines on my wrists. Honestly it started to look really tatty but I loved it! I got into a different phase over the last few years of just wearing one little delicate thing on my wrist, but recently I've gotten back into stacking. I like to think these pieces are a little more polished than my old school arm-parties.

If you follow my instagram you'll know that I wear these puppies all the time. My father got them for me as a gift ages ago, and I have worn them so much I can't even tell what the brand is anymore! I love loafers and they're perfect for the summer to autumn transition we're having at the moment! (I also really enjoy getting shoes which perfectly coordinate with my shag rug.)

What are your go to accessories right now?


  1. Love the red bag!

    Kirsten x

  2. so in love with that red bag <3
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  3. Great pics! I especially love your jewelry shots. Such interesting pieces!

    The Marcy Stop

  4. Great pics!! I love massimo dutti item as well. love all your Jewelry bracelets pic.

  5. The red bag is so cool! The pink shoes are amazing :)
    My favorite accessories at the moment are statement necklaces, knuckle rings and wrap on watches :)))

    Kisses, Anka

  6. the jewelry is so beautiful! Love the pictures! :)

  7. Nice items! Love the red bag

  8. NICE! Love your bracelets :)

    xxx Linsey from

  9. Lovely accessories you have! Especially love the bracelets!

    Saska || Work that Health

  10. What a cool post, I really like seeing what other bloggers fav accessories are ! I love your loafers, I can see why you would wear them all the time :)