Beauty Bites: Drugstore Diva

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I haven't posted in a while, but I promise I have a good excuse, my father got married! I'll do a post on the outfit soon, but for now, these are my favourite new beauty products. I much prefer to drop my money on clothes than fancy makeup, so I kind of do things my own way when it comes to beauty shopping (when I say 'my own way', I mean the cheap way, obvi.)

These goodies are all new(ish), and I've used them all so I can let you know what I think, very quickly.
 1. Foundation - Awesome
2. Lipstick - Great and super cheap!(I think you can only get it in the Netherlands.. Bummer for you if you're not here.)
3. Lipgloss - Very pretty and smells nice
4. Liner - Goes on like a dream!
5. Eyeshadows - Very pretty, and held pretty well at the wedding, but not the best I've ever tried. I wouldn't really reccomend the quad, but the individual is worth a shot!
6. Bonus hair product - Salt Spray, almost as good as the sea, smells better.

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