Monday Pinspiration

11:29 Nadine 5 Comments

I spent the last three days celebrating love and life. I'm back to work. It's raining. I did my hair really nicely and the cycle to work ruined it. To top it all: IT'S MONDAY.

Sometimes, especially on rainy days like today, which bring you back to reality, and are Mondays, we think to ourselves, what did we do to deserve this?

On these days we just need to remember that most of the time, our mood is exactly what we make of it, and scroll through some uplifiting quotes on pinterest to remind us of that. I'm enjoying the little things this morning, like my morning coffee, the sound of the thunder and rain on the windows of my warm and cosy office, and the fact that the fire alarm in my office doesn't go off every three hours on the dot like it did throughout the night at my apartment.

See, there's always a bright side.


  1. I agree with your quote! I have been making my own sunshine for several weeks now- since it started raining in Geneva. What a summer!


  2. I think you're absolutely right about our mood being what we make it. Yesterday I was sort of in a funk about multiple things, so I went out, took a walk, and just made myself focus on things that make me happy. And it definitely worked!

  3. 100% love this post :)