Beauty Bites: Stinkies

20:32 Nadine 4 Comments

 I know they say every woman should have a signature scent, but when there are so many scents out there, 
why pick just one? These three are my current faves:

My first favourite is my Narciso Rodriguez for Her. This is quite honestly the coolest, classiest scent I've found so far. I don't know how it's possible for a scent to be cool, but this one is cool as a cucumber! It's fresh and musky and citrus-y and floral all at the same time, which is a good thing.. I promise. This is a total nose-party (let's try and get 'nose-party'going as a thing? K.) and I need to get more because my cute black bottle is all empty!

This cutie is from Lanvin and it's called Jeanne (Named after the founder of the fashion house, and generally gamorous lady, Jeanne Lanvin). I first picked up this fragrance at the airport with my mummy years ago, and it's still one of my favourites! It's much girlier than the Narciso Rodriguez, flirty and feminine.

This last one is a little strange, strange because bloggers don't tend to publicise their 5 euro perfumes from H&M! However, this one is a beaut. It's always nice to carry a fragrance around with you to spritz during the day, and I'm always too chicken to take my nice perfumes. I used to carry around little testers, but if they don't have a spritzer on them they're pretty awkward to apply and I kept spilling them on stuff/in papercuts/on colleagues. Enter this badboy, this is a surprisingly expensive smelling eau de toilette from H&M, which I like to carry around in my handbag with me, incase I am stinky. I can't find it online, but here is a bodymist in the same scent! Who doesn't like to smell like roses?


  1. I agree! It's so hard to just stick to using one scent…these all look pretty (I'm sure they smell pretty as well)!!


  2. nice post
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  3. i am a fan of the narciso rodriguez perfume too. i have the pink perfume version. =)