Inspiration Thursdays: Being Mindful

10:00 Nadine 6 Comments

So today's inspo post might seem a little strange. It's to do with mindfulness, which is essentially the practice of living in the moment, not in a #yolo sense, but in allowing yourself to recognize what is happening to you and around you, and enjoy the moments in life that you might otherwise just do on autopilot. It's about being aware and being present in the small moments as well as the major ones.
I'm trying to be more mindful, in an effort to improve the general quality of my life, but also in order to offset the negative thoughts which come hand in hand with binge eating and trying to get out of the destructive habits I've accumulated over the years. 
I do this by trying to meditate before sleep, and for a few minutes during the day. I find meditating SO DIFFICULT to do by myself, so I either turn to guided meditation (search on youtube to find a good one for you) or read some scripture or poetry and try to only think of what I've just read.
Some days I suck and my mind just keeps racing, but I will keep trying, it's important to keep your head-space clean!


  1. I love this post. This is actually so true. We tend to forget we're living in the moment and just do things mindlessly. Thanks for the great post, this really opened my eyes :) xx

  2. I love this post and your blog looks great! keep it up :)

  3. So true! It's always great to move forward in life. :) Thanks- yep, I'm following you on Bloglovin'. Your turn. :) I have everything prettymuch. :)

    Looking forward to your visit,