Freebie: fashion fonts

15:45 Nadine 2 Comments

Here's a selection of fashion inspired fonts, which can be found for free around the web! 

1. Bodoni (should be on your machine!) 2. Dubiel 3. Uberlin 4. CWG Sans 5. Fine Style 6. Znikomit 7. Couture 8. Dolce Vita 9. Tamoro Script 10. Neou

I really like fonts as a creative medium and I love experimenting with some of the great free creations out there. I hope you enjoy this, and let me know in the comments if you'd be interested in more freebie roundups like this, or freebies of my own creation!

Make sure to check the licences before using these fonts, as they are the intellectual property of their creators.


  1. These fonts are amazing. Worth to check it out. Great post.


  2. You have such a chic blog, girl! And I love how you don't have a G+ account- those are just confusing. >.<. You know, I actually stumbles upon "fashion fonts" through and thought to myself "wow... that is totally true!" And here you are blogging about it now. I guess that is just a confirmation that trends even hit fonts. Thanks for sharing these. I hope you can come by and visit my bloggie now too. I just posted about macaroons and they are "beary" special. I look forward to your visit! Let me kmnow if you want to follow each other too!