Beauty Bites: Trip to the Body Shop

15:36 Nadine 4 Comments

I don't think it's possible for me to walk past a Body Shop without being totally tempted to go in. I used to think it was for weird old ladies, but now I totally love it, which is a clear sign that either the Body Shop has revamped its image, I've grown into the products, or I'm just a weird old lady now... 
I think I'll go with one of the first 2 options..

A while ago I visited Body Shop to pick up some 'essentials', and ended up buying three totally new things! I thought I'd use them for a little while before letting you know what I think.
 (disclaimer: I love them. A lot.)

I've been trying to take a little better care of myself recently, and since I had a pretty bad bout of stress related breakouts because of exams and other academic nonsense, I picked up this tea tree face mask! Now, my skin calmed down once exams were over, so this was probably a natural process, but even so, this mask really does feel like it's doing something, and I actually really like to wind down with a face mask and hair mask on once a week!

I also got something which I had seen on Gabby's (VelvetGh0st) instagram, just because I ran out of primer and thought it looked cute. Instablur! It is cute, and it really does work! Levels the complexion and kept my makeup game strong from 7am to 11:30 pm the other day, including traveling, shopping and really windy weather! Definitely recommend this one to you guys.

Whoops, look at the whopping crack on my phone. That happened because I tried one of those sophisticated leather pouches to carry it in and promptly popped it directly onto the ground out of the pouch. Lesson learned.

 I also grabbed some hand cream, as I've never really been disappointed with hand cream from the body shop, EXCEPT when my last one from there (which smelled delicious and was really awesome and you can see here) exploded all over the pouch I was carrying it in because the metal tube broke. So this time I went for a plastic tube and a floral scent and it's as good as usual!

Apologies for the weird looking photos, the lighting is bad because it was raining and I don't wanna take them again because the products are all used ;) , I'll do better next time, promise!


  1. These pictures are so nice. Love the products too. Great post.


  2. Oh, the Instablur sounds awesome - cool concept, will need to check it out in the store. And I'll definitely have a look at the Tea Tree mask as well. Thanks for the reviews :)

  3. The Tea Tree mask sounds devine! And the photos look great despite the lighting, no need to apologize. I'll definitely need to add some of these to my shopping list for the next time I head over to The Body Shop (I have a gift card, bonuuuus!).


  4. Everything looks really lovely!!! I'm actually testing the same face mask and so far I like it !:)

    Layla xx