November Beauty Faves

23:41 Nadine 3 Comments

Well hello there! I picked up some little bits and bobs recently, principally because I have gotten SO PALE over the past month that my face was starting to look a teensy bit tangoed, which is literally never ever a good look. I don't know if everyone has this, but even though I very rarely fake tan, my skin colour fluctuates hella dramatically between summer and winter. Every winter without fail I become ridiculously jealous of summer me with her lovely dark skin. What a bitch. 

So I hauled my pale ass to the Body Shop to pick up a new winter foundation and landed on this beauty, the Extra Virgin Minerals Liquid Foundation. I had  heard good things about it, and the staff in the store in The Hague were super helpful in helping me pick a shade. The one I got is actually the very lightest (!!!!) which is weird for me as a mixed lady but hey, it matches my current colour perfectly, glides on like a dream, and basically, I love it.

The next thing I picked up was a Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lip thingy, I say thingy, because it's not quite lipstick and not quite lipgloss, but it sits in this sort of, happy medium between the two. This shade is called 'Nude-ist' but it's not nude at all and is actually a really 90's pink shade which I really really like. This is really not too expensive at all, and you can either create a soft look for every day, or really build it up for a strong lip. 

I also grabbed these bronzer balls when I was in the Body Shop (because they had a Thanksgiving deal), and I really like them! I needed to get rid of my bronzer as I'd been using it for about 2 years, which is unygenic and gross, not to mention, boring as hell. So yeah, now I have balls, which is exciting!

I've had an insane past few weeks and now I'm ready to work hard for the last couple weeks of term, before a much deserved (in my humble opinion) winter break! Makeup isn't one of those things in life that's really important, but I really enjoy treating myself to nice little things like this, to give me a bit of a boost when other things might not be so, boosty... Perhaps that made no sense, but I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend!


  1. You always find the best products from The Body Shop! I'm on the hunt for a new foundation, so I'll definitely be giving this one a try. Great post Nadine!