Summer Doodles and life update!

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So I kind of let this baby die huh? I don't know if any of you will have stuck around long enough to even see this post, but it's always nice to have a bit of a ramble to the internet so here goes!
It's FINALLY summer, which hasn't really meant much to me over these past few years. Last year I had no 'summer' so to speak, as I was doing an internship here in the Hague (fun fact: that's why I started my blog, unmitigated boredom), but this year, I'm having a bit of a break!

I've actually just finished university. Yep. Done. 
I'm graduating officially in July, but my bachelor's thesis is done and dusted, my final papers have been handed in, and now I've basically fallen into a purposeless vaccuum. It hasn't really sunk in yet that I'm free, but I think I'm enjoying it. Tomorrow I'll be packing my bags and jumping on a plane to the sun in Turkey with my girlfriends, I'm hoping my new found liberty will really start to sink in then. Let's be honest, the sun on your skin is one of the best feelings in the world, and hey, if the weather there doesn't work out, at least I can come back and spend my last months here in the Hague at the beach as well!

Just as a little welcome back to my blog I thought I'd share this little doodle I made in anticipation of the next season of OITNB (which is one of the best shows ever in my humble opinion). You can grab it as a free download for your phone background or whatever, oooorrr you can mosey on over to my store and purchase it as a print to add a little orange to your decor! 

I hope you're all doing awesome and I'll probably get back to posting on the reg now that my crazy end of year/really need to graduate frenzy is over!

D O W N L O A D  H E R E

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