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I started playing around with some images I took of Scottish wildflowers and came up with a few cool (I think) concepts. Scottish wildflowers have a rugged charm to them which is fun to turn into something sleek and classy!

Now I guess this one isn't strictly a mandala, which has an actual spiritual meaning and all that, but the shapes I created with the flowers really reminded me of mandala symbols! Shrinking the mandala shape and making a grid out of them came up with this cool macrame/lace/versace coins pattern, which I actually really like. I love how opulent the colours look when you can't really tell what they are, it reminds me of some kind of fancy upholstery in an old french palace!

Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Love this idea! Such a great design. I'm scottish and have never seen scottish wildflowers but they're beautiful :)

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