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So in about a month, if I succeed in finding a room, I'll be moving to Amsterdam! I must admit, I wish I'd visited more over the years that I've lived in the Netherlands, so that I could get to know the city a little better before taking the plunge and moving, but it is what it is.

I did go and explore a bit last week when my mother was visiting from the states, and after stalking the lovely Billie Rose's instagram, I decided to pay a visit to COTTONCAKE. It's a gorgeous little store/cafe/grotto of treasures right next to the gorgeous Sarphatipark in my favourite part of town (so far). My mother and I stopped in for lunch and coffee to prepare for an afternoon exploring the markets and it was delicious.

My mum opted for the toastie, which was jam packed with delicious veggies and different cheeses, and she told me the bread was next level. I decided to go for the waffles, naturally. They were spelt-buckwheat and surprisingly filling! The berry compote and sour cream combo on top really sealed the deal. We also shared a slice of banana bread, which is always good. After that delicious meal we spent some time browsing all the treasures they have on offer, from clothes and accessories to art and gorgeous jewelry. If you're ever visiting Amsterdam, definitely check it out!

Any other recommendations for nice places to hang out in Amsterdam are totally welcome! 
Oh, and if you have a spare room in your apartment you can also hit me up ;)

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