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One of the drawbacks of doing what I do is that I'm constantly coming up with new ideas on how to brand myself when I should be doing that for other people. Since graduating I've been doing my best to make sure my website/portfolio is as good as I can make it, which entails a lot of me changing my mind. For a while, I was going to delete this blog. It doesn't get a lot of traffic, and I want my main online presence to be my 'official' website, but after a lot of consideration, I just can't seem to let it go! 
In order to justify ploughing on with my blog I've decided to go with a complete overhaul. No more fashion wishlists, no more pretending to be someone I'm not, it's kind of a relief! From now on this blog will be for insights into my work and 'the process', my musings on all of that, free gifts, design experiments and things that inspire me. Basically, my website is business, over here, it's leisure. I think it's a much more honest approach for me and one that I hope will bring in some new readers! 
For my new blog branding I've gone for muted yet strong colours (a hint of gold, of course) and drawn inspiration from clean design with a hint of fluidity, and the organised chaos of nature. That sounds super pretentious but the almost surreal photos of nature above give the idea!

So here's to new beginnings! 


  1. I love these designs. My problem with my blog and etc. is that I keep wanting to change my layouts and designs. I'm always thinking of new ways to make it cool. I'm rarely satisfied with it for long.

    Love your blog though!

    Joana x

    1. Yeah I know the feeling! I hope I won't need to change this one too quickly!

  2. Cant wait to see more from the new direction you are taking your blog. Looks good already, Good Luck!

    Prey On Fashion

  3. Branding yourself is always such a trap because we always know exactly what we want and what looks good and it's so much more freeing than branding for clients, but self branding probably doesn't pay many bills haha!
    That said, I LOVE this design! Love the wordmark, it's super interesting and the colour palette is really pretty :)

    Emily | One Stormy Sunday