5 things men have actually said to me upon discovering I'm a feminist

09:00 Nadine 2 Comments

- Feminists are sexist.
(Translation: I have a very limited understanding of this issue but I feel personally attacked HOW DARE YOU)
- I don't have a problem with equality, but how far does this have to go?
(Please, you have 99 problems and the idea of anyone crushing the patriarchy is like, number 12.)
- Fuck feminism, Top Gear was the best show ever.
( . <-- The point                                                                                      You.)
- So you would go FIGHT IN A WAR?
- So you wouldn't mind if I punched you then? Since we're equal? 
(Seems reasonable.)


  1. omg your responses to these sexist things are so great! more people need to realize that feminism helps not only women, but men, non-binary, trans, etc. people too! thanks for sharing :)

    xx closetchronicle.blogspot.com

  2. What a great post! Succinct and really gets the point across. Funny too! :)