On New Beginnings

16:13 Nadine 0 Comments

Two nights ago, sitting outside one of my favourite bars in the Hague, I got a little emotional. When I say a little, I mean the only thing preventing a full on meltdown was the presence of a multitude of other people and a couple G&T's. The reason for this precarious emotional situation was the sudden realisation that the day after that, I'd be leaving. My official address was going to change, sure, no big deal,but leaving meant leaving the place I'd first kissed a boy, the place where I decided to be a little more sure of myself, got my degree, met my best friends and sneakily got a piercing without parental permission. I was leaving the city where I first stayed out after curfew (which resulted in my dad driving out to a boy's house in the middle of the night to drag me home), and I started to realise what the place meant to me. For some people, the cities around them are just the background to whatever they are doing at the time, for lots of people, leaving doesn't really have much of an effect. I'm excited to start fresh, and I'm really not far away, but I know I'll miss cycling past the Texaco station where I fell in love for the first time, or walking past the spot where my friends and I spent one very early morning laughing and crying and watching the sunrise after a long, long night. For me, my city helped me become me.

I'm not losing anything. In fact, I've come to an amazing, vibrant, achingly cool city, where I can't wait to meet new people and do new things and walk around acting like a local. I guess I'm just going to have to take all those experiences with me, and try and make something even better